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Precious Metal Exchange (Pty) Ltd was established in 2006; amidst an era where the global community was becoming increasingly recycle conscious and the political platform started appreciating the benefits of energy preservation.

At Precious Metal Exchange we guarantee the highest price for your gold. You could walk away with hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars in your pocket. So don’t go anywhere else. Upon arrival you will make the acquaintance of our fully trained and professional staff who will sincerely attempt to answer any of your queries and explain the process of recycling precious metals.

Your gold is money

Precious Metal Exchange is an Australian owned and run family business steeped in immense knowledge and understanding of the gold and jewellery industry.

The business was conceptualised and established by the late Alwyn Sherman, a master jeweller by trade, being Sydney’s first independent precious metals buyer.

Since his passing in early 2013 the business has been run by his daughters.  We have continued his honest and trustworthy business practices ensuring we provide the very best service and care to our customers, knowing in some instances parting with ones precious items can be an emotional one. We endeavor to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. 

We are Australia’s original and most experienced gold buyers. Thousands of our happy customers can attest to our exceptional service.

Alwyn with Neil Armstrong, One Giant Handshake

We proudly support

Precious Metal Exchange are supporters of the NSW Police and The Australian Federal Police.

Follow the rainbow: Where gold shines bright as money.

We’re Australia’s premium gold buyer, taking pride in providing our clients with a truly exceptional and high quality friendly service.

Earning Trust, Providing Security, Delivering Immediate Value.

We provide security

For our clients peace of mind Precious Metals Exchange is extremely serious in complying with all NSW and Federal regulations and laws that require precious metal buying companies to be licensed by the Department of Fair Trading with a second hand dealers and pawn brokers licence.

Precious Metal Exchange Licence No: L2PS0443602.
Precious Metal Exchange is also a member of AUSTRAC to prevent – terrorist funding, money laundering, and the receiving of stolen goods.